Wedding or Anniversary Plate with Carved Letters

Wedding or Anniversary Plate with Carved Letters

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In the centre Pam draws exquisite floral bouquets using liquid coloured clays. Tim carves the names and date into the rim of the plate. Approx. 11” and 14” diameter.

Plates are custom-made to order.

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We think the use of clay, one of the most permanent materials, is perfect for the commemoration of significant events in people's lives.

We sign and date the back of the plate when it's made but we will further personalize it with an inscription. People have used the space to indicate the occasion, who the plate is from, lines of poetry, song lyrics, the location of the original family home or business. The idea of turning the plate over in 25 yrs. to read something that has some significance to the family was just too good to pass up.

Our work has become a treasured part of people's family traditions for over four decades. We had people come to our shop on their honeymoon and order a wedding plate. We then made children's plates to mark the birth of their kids. We then made wedding plates for those kids and now we are regularly making birth plates for their kids. It is very nice to have become a part of so many people's family traditions.