Heart Earth Pendant

Heart Earth Pendant


With dental tools and magnifying glasses, Pam carved the image of the earth, backwards, into a plaster mold. White clay is cast into the mold to create this feather weight image of our world. Pam hand paints the continents, with a green underglaze and covers the oceans with either a pale blue or turquoise transparent glaze, to recreate the jewel like appearance of our planet.

This pendant comes as a heart shape which reinforces the love for our home. 

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Pam created the Earth Series by first making a lapel pin in the 1980’s, as a reminder of the beauty of our planet. Soon, pins for Canada and Nova Scotia completed the view of our country and province. The series next evolved with the addition of pendants of the Earth, Canada and Nova Scotia. Recently, Pam added a three dimensional miniature Globe Pendant made entirely by hand in our Mahone Bay studio.